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A Higher-Order Logic for Concurrent Termination-Preserving Refinement
J. Tassarotti, R. Jung, R. Harper.

Abstract: Compiler correctness proofs for higher-order concurrent languages are difficult: they involve establishing a termination-preserving refinement between a \emph{concurrent} high-level source language and an implementation that uses low-level shared memory primitives. However, existing logics for proving concurrent refinement either neglect properties such as termination, or only handle first-order state. In this paper, we address these limitations by extending Iris, a recent higher-order concurrent separation logic, with support for reasoning about termination-preserving refinements. To demonstrate the power of these extensions, we prove the correctness of an efficient implementation of a higher-order, session-typed language. To our knowledge, this is the first program logic capable of giving a compiler correctness proof for such a language. The soundness of our extensions and our compiler correctness proof have been mechanized in Coq.